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Java Language Extensions Links

Upcoming Java 1.5 (=Tiger) Goodies scheduled for Spring 2004

JSR #14: Adding Generic Types (aka Templates) To Java

JSR #201: Extending Java with Enumerations, Autoboxing, Enhanced for Loops and Static Import

Draft Spec for Type-Safe Enumerations
Enum Sneak Preview Example:

public enum Suit { clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades }

foreach( Day d in Day.monday .. Day.friday )

Draft Spec for Autoboxing
Automatic conversion from primitive types (such as boolean, int, char, and so on) to their corresponding reference type wrappers (such as Boolean, Integer, Character, and so on) to reduce clutter.

Draft Spec for Enhanced for Loops (aka foreach)
Enhanced for loops allow iteration over collections without explicitly defined iterators reducing boilerplate iteration coding and opportunities for errors (such as endless loops). Foreach Sneak Preview Example:

foreach( Task task in tasks )   

instead of

Iterator it = tasks.iterator(); 
while( it.hasNext() ) 
  Task task = (Task);   

Draft Spec for Static Imports
Allow the use of unqualified constants.

JSR #175: Meta Data (aka Attributes) for Java
Allow marking classes, interfaces, fields, and methods with attributes (aka meta data).

JSR #199: Java Compiler API
A service provider API allowing a Java program to select and invoke a Java Compiler using code.

Java Language Extension Proposals

Bali - Java with a Spoonful of Syntactic Sugar
Proposals listing pros and cons by Roedy Green include:

James Strachan's Weblog J* Proposal
Suggested language extension include:

10 Reasons We Need Java 3
Most suggestions by Elliotte Rusty Harold (July 2002) go beyond language extensions. Most popular article at O'Reilly's Java site in 2002 according to Steve Anglin's Weblog, even spawned a Wiki site. Distilled version available through Elliotte Rusty Harold's Javapolis talk slides (November 2002) entitled Refactoring Java. Here's Elliotte Rusty Harold's top 10 list:

Working Real-World Java Language Extensions

XDoclet - Attribute Oriented Programming Using Javadoc-like attributes

More Links

Open Directory Java Language Extension Chapter

Robert Tolksdorf's Programming Languages for the Java Virtual Machine Directory

Alternative Languages

Python Scripting Language |

Velocity Template Language

C# (C-Sharp) Programming Language - Official ECMA Standard (ECMA-334)

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